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Eran Bar-Kalifa from Bar-Ilan University, Israel talks about emotional support in relationships and what happens if we disappoint or even surpass our partner’s expectations. Posted June 2014. Read the associated article here

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Sharon Sassler from Cornell University, USA talks about the range of locations where couples first meet and the effect this has on their relationships. 

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Keith Welker from Wayne State University, USA talks about intergroup couple friendships and how they affect compassionate love.

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Amy Moors at the University of Michigan, USA talks about consensual non-monogamy in romantic relationships. Posted May 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Blake Riek from Calvin College, USA, talks about guilt, shame and forgiveness in relationships. Posted December 2013. Read the associated article here here.

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Harry T. Reis at the University of Rochester talks about compassionate love and everyday compassionate acts. Posted December 2013. Read the associated full research article here.

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Jennifer Tomlinson from Stony Brook University joins us for the second time to talk about the consequences of putting our partners on a pedestal. Posted November 2013. Read the associated full research article here.

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Katlyn Elise Roggensack at the University of California, Santa Barbara, talks about honesty and deception in romantic relationships. Posted November 2013. Read the associated full research article here.

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Interviews with Jeff Simpson on milestones in attachment theory and research (Volume 27 Issue 2) and with Gurit Birnbaum (Volume 27 Issue 2) on the interplay between attachment and sex.

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Keith Sanford at Baylor University, USA talks about conflict resolution among couples.

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Judith Hebron talks about her research with Neil Humphrey on bullying and children with autism.

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In this podcast, Dr Paul Shattuck and Dr Anne Roux discuss issues surrounding employment support in autism and the barriers that people with autism face when looking for or attempting to retain a job. The interviewees also stress the importance of developing effective research partnerships that include people with autism and their families, to facilitate research in this area.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 30 “Self-expansion and Passionate Love”: Virgil Sheets at Indiana State University, USA talks about self-expansion and passionate love.

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John Constantino, Francesca Happé and Will Mandy discuss with Guest Editor, David Williams, whether autism is a coherent syndrome, or is fractionable in nature.

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Judith Gould and Robyn Steward discuss issues surrounding women with autism spectrum disorders, including current research, safety issues and gender differences.

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Steven T. Levy, Editor of JAPA, interviews Theodore Jacobs about the panel papers, "A Patient Returns," from Volume 61, Issue 5.

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Editor-in-Chief, David Mandell, interviews the Founding Editor of Autism, Pat Howlin, and they discuss the history of autism research and future directions.

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Editor-in-Chief, Laurence Kirmayer, celebrates the 50th anniversary issue of Transcultural Psychiatry from its beginnings to future themes and emerging trends.

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Maryhope Howland talks about her research on attachment and humor in romantic relationships.

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Ashley Randall talks about her research on emotional cooperation with romantic partners.

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Jeffrey G. Snodgrass discusses his co-authored paper on computer games and internet addiction, from the special issue on cultures on the internet.

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Jennifer Marie Tomlinson talks about how to overcome the risks of increasing closeness in relationships.

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Casey Totenhagen talks about whether personal sacrifices improve the quality of long-term relationships.

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Bonnie M. Le talks about the benefits of being friendly to other people.

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Relationship Matters 20 "Meeting Strangers and First Impressions": Journal of Social & Personal Relationships

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Julie Lounds Taylor discusses her co-authored review paper on outcomes for adults with autism.

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Geoff MacDonald tells us about  work on how people who have insecure attachment differ from those with secure attachment in how they perceive the potential of a close relationship as potentially socially threatening or rewarding.

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Denise St-Arnault describes the conversion of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV, Appendix 1 Outline for Cultural Formulation into a user-friendly Clinical Ethnographic Interview (CEI)

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Bert N. Uchino talks about his research on positive social ties and how this impacts on our physical health.

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Lane Beckes and James A. Coan discuss their research on correlations in psycho-physiological and brain imaging data to explore interpersonal empathy and identification.

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Lisa Andermann and Samuel Law discuss their co-authored article with Danni Li on the relationship between degrees of social defeat and themes of delusion in patients with schizophrenia from immigrant and ethnic minority backgrounds.

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Tricia Burke talks about relationship processes and conflict among mixed-weight couples.

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JCEDM Editor Amy Pritchett talks with Special Issue Guest Editor Haydee M. Cuevas and influential Cognitive Readiness researcher Dexter Fletcher.

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Nathaniel M. Lambert talks about the positive affect of sharing happy experiences with someone close to you.

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In two experiments Andrew K. Przybylski looks at how the mere presence of a mobile phone can have negative effects on face-to-face interactions.

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Guest editors Ryan D. Duffy and Bryan J. Dik discuss the theme of this special issue of JCA: 'Work as a Calling: Research and Practice'.

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Richard Mills discusses crime and the criminal justice system, and why some people with autism get into trouble.

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Editor-in-Chief, David Mandell, discusses  research on autism spectrum disorders in the journal.

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Authors Caroline C. Fitz and Alyssa N. Zucker talk to PWQ Editor Jan Yoder about their article, co-authored with Laina Y. Bay-Cheng, 'Not All Nonlabelers Are Created Equal: Distinguishing Between Quasi-Feminists and Neoliberals'.

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Authors Christopher Miller and Michael Dorneich talk to JCEDM Editor Amy Pritchett about their research into politeness in teams, and human automation interaction and etiquette.

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Tamara Afifi talks about why women find (conflict) avoidance more dissatisfying than men.

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Taschi Ein-Dor talks about how sex can alleviate stress for both men and women in satisfying relationships.

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Simon Wallace discusses the use of immersive virtual environments with children with autism from the special issue on technology.

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Robert A.C. Ruiter evaluates time differences between adults and adolescents when faced with risky traffic situations and Judy Slome Cohain discusses her editorial on urban legends surrounding hospital births and planned home births.

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Dr Norm O'Rourke at Simon Fraser University in Canada discusses his article on personality and marriage among heterosexual long-wed couples.

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Justin Lehmiller talks about the detrimental effects of being in a relationship that others don't approve of.

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Legendary Elaine Hatfield talks about passionate love.

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Jennifer Montesi talks about sex.

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Nadya A. Fouad, TCP Editor, interviews Mary Sue Richardson and David L. Blustein about their contribution to the February 2012 issue.

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Justin Cavallo discusses gender differences and relationship initiation and Jennifer Byrd-Craven discusses how talking about negative events with friends can actually cause more stress.

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Jeff Hall discusses his research on sense of humour and partner embarrassment for couples in long-term relationships.

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Sven Bölte discusses the differences between boys and girls with higher functioning autism spectrum disorders with particular respect to cognitive tasks.

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Aubyn Stahmer discusses her research on a community progrma involving social inclusion and early intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorders.

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Neil Humphrey dicusses the mainstream vs special education debate for schoolchildren with autism.

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Author Mari Ruti discusses her article, "The Singularity of Being: Lacan and the Immortal Within."

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Authors Julia Becker and Janet Swim discuss their article with PWQ Editor Jan Yoder.

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Authors Rachel Salk and Renee Engeln-Maddox discuss their work with PWQ Editor Jan Yoder.

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Nickola Overall discusses how to change your partner and relationship and Susan Charles talks about why older people are happier than younger people and what younger people should learn from it.

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Shannon E. Weaver on stepmothers and Thomas Nelson Bradbury on stress and how we fight.

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Jeff Simpson on milestones in attachment theory and Gurit Birnbaum on the interplay between attachment and sex.

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