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PWQ Editor Mary Brabeck speaks with author Marina Rosenthal about her article, "Still Second Class: Sexual Harassment of Graduate Students," co-authored by Alec Smidt and Jennifer Freyd.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 59 “People they are a changin’: the links between anticipating change and romantic relationship quality”: Anika Cloutier from Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada discusses how people’s relationships change over time; and how anticipating a future where themselves and their partner either both change in a similar way, or both stay the same can enable a higher relationship quality between them

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 58 “Self-disclosure to parents in emerging adulthood: Examining the roles of perceived parental responsiveness and separation-individuation ”: Dr Crystal Jiang from City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong discusses self-disclosure of emerging adults to their parents and it relates to their process of separation and becoming an individual

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Authors Tawanna T. Gilford and Amy Reynolds discuss their article, "'My Mother's Keeper': The Effects of Parentification on Black Female College Students," along with a participant from the study in their article. 

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Nadya A. Fouad, TCP Editor, interviews Joshua M. Bradley, James L. Werth, Jr. and Sarah L. Hastings about their research into social justice advocacy in rural communities.

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Nadya A. Fouad, TCP Editor, interviews Sue Jacobs, Mary Ann Hoffman, and Sharon Bowman about the counseling psychologist's role in natural disasters.

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Leadership and management in Australasian Psychiatry - the Australasian psychiatric fraternity has long provided leadership in understanding the mechanisms, treating the symptoms, and managing the problems associated with mental illness. An early innovator was John Cade, the Australian psychiatrist who first reported the mood stabilising properties of lithium in the late 1940s. The Australasian Psychiatry podcast has interviewed many psychiatric leaders active in our region, from Professor John McGrath constructing a self-perpetuating framework for performing clinical trials while training the next generation of psychiatrist scientists; to Professor Ernest Hunter’s inspiring endeavours to improve mental health care and training for indigenous people in remote Australia and the Pacific Islands; to President-elect of the World Psychiatric Association Helen Herrman’s ambitions to identify, develop, and disseminate knowledge and resources appropriate for improving mental health across all the diverse peoples of the world.

In a wide-ranging interview, Dr O’Connor discusses the need for a new generation of leaders among Australasian psychiatrists, and opportunities for psychiatrists and registrars such as the Leadership Workshops at the College Congress in Hong Kong in May this year. While acknowledging that not every psychiatrist would be interested in pursuing particular leadership roles such as College President, company CEO, or Clinical Director, Dr O’Connor describes the need for many different types of leader in modern mental health, from clinical leadership of individual treating teams, through academic leadership in research and training, to active liaison between the mental health system and other institutions such as government, business, and NGOs. 

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Most doctors derive their sense of worth and identity from meeting the intellectual, emotional, and professional challenges of their demanding but rewarding careers. Psychiatrists in particular rely upon the confidence of their patients to trust us with their intimate thoughts and emotions in pursuit of mental wellness. In the April 2016 Australasian Psychiatry podcast, Professor Carmelle Peisah explores adaptive and less adaptive means used by psychiatrists to manage anxiety about declining capacity as retirement approaches.

Professor Peisah draws upon the articles in the special April issue on successful ageing to illustrate the advantages of continual self-evaluation to allow for the early identification of problems and opportunities associated with changing capacities. The podcast and these eight articles convincingly demonstrate that the decision to retire is highly personalised and related to a considered balance between workload and resilience that changes over time.


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PWQ Editor, Mary Brabeck, speaks with author Linda Carli about her article, "Stereotypes About Gender and Science: Women Do Not Equal Scientists." 

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Steven T. Levy, Editor of JAPA, interviews Jeanine M. Vivona, College of New Jersey, about her article "Is There a Nonverbal Period of Development?"

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Steven T. Levy, Editor of JAPA, interviews Lewis Kirshner about his article "Towards an Ethics of Psychoanalysis: A Critical Reading of Lacan's Ethics."

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 55 “Sexualized, objectified, but not satisfied”: Laura R. Ramsey from Bridgewater State University, USA talks about the effect of objectification in romantic relationships

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 54 “Marital quality and loneliness in later life”: Jeffrey E. Stokes from Boston College, Canada talks about loneliness in marriage

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Doctors Anne Erreich, Jerome Wakefield, Richard Kessler, and Barry Rand participate in an exchange with Professor Thomas Nagel, University Professor of Philosophy and Law at NYU. They address the topic of the mind/body problem and its relationship to psychoanalysis - in particular, the relationship between subjective experience and objective brain processes.

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Eugene Raikhel introduces the special issue in Transcultural Psychiatry April 2016 on Psychiatry in Eastern Europe. Posted April 2016. Read the introduction here.

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In this podcast, Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson discusses with Laura Crane about her article Attitudes of the autism community to early autism research.

Australia is a wealthy, free, and harmoniously multicultural society, but our treatment of people who attempt to achieve asylum by arriving on Australian territory without permission has attracted international criticism and generated fierce domestic debate. The rapid change in boat arrivals associated with the imposition of stronger measures by the Liberal Government led by Tony Abbott in 2013, including offshore processing of claims for refugee status and turning back boats of asylum seekers in some circumstances, appears to have provided the Australian Federal Government with effective political cover, leaving the Opposition unwilling to raise strong moral or ethical objections.


Professor Louise Newman of Melbourne University is current Convenor of the Alliance of Health Professions for Asylum Seekers, and past chair of the Expert Health Advisory Group, which was responsible for providing advice to the Government on the health implications of the treatment of Asylum Seekers. In the February 2016 Australasian Psychiatry podcast Professor Newman addresses the professional, societal, and personal implications of mandatory detention. As an infant psychiatrist with expertise and a research history in attachment and trauma, she emphasises the deleterious impact on the mental health and development of young children, and discusses the moral dilemma facing clinicians including psychiatrists who face a double bind when they have to accept legal and practical constraints on their care and advocacy for detained asylum seekers as the cost of providing any care at all.

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Professor Hunter describes the origin of motivation for these conferences in the discrimination he observed in medical institutions in the second half of last century; the work of finding out what was happening in remote communities; and successes and failures in attempts to widespread social, economic, and medical disadvantage.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 53 “Why People Defend Relationship Ideology”: Martin V. Day from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada talks about why people defend committed relationship ideology

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 52 “Talking about Weight”. Tricia Burke of Texas State University talks about weight related communication between couples and how this affects relationship satisfaction

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 51 “Broadening the investment model”. Noam Segal of the University of Illinois explains the investment model, and how it relates to his research on perceived partner responsiveness and attachment

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Author Sarah Trinh speaks with PWQ Editor, Mary Brabeck, about her article "“Enjoy Your Sexuality, but Do it in Secret”:Exploring Undergraduate Women’s Reports of Friends’ Sexual Communications. " Trinh elaborates on her extensive methodology and findings produced from the study.  

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PWQ Editor, Mary Brabeck, speaks with author Elise Holland about her article, "Cute Little Things: The Objectification of Prepubescent Girls," co-authored by Nick Haslam. 

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Author Victor Sojo speaks with PWQ Editor, Mary Brabeck, about his article "Harmful Workplace Experiences and Women’s Occupational Well-being:A Meta-Analysis," co-authored with Robert Wood and Anna Genat. This article is also the winner of the 2016 Georgia Babladelis award, which recognizes the best paper published in Psychology of Women Quarterly in the previous year. 

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Patricia Howlin from the Institute of Psychiatry, UK and Julie Lounds Taylor from Vanderbilt University, USA talk about their special issue on autism in adulthood.

Relationship Matters Podcast Number 450 “The ‘problem’ with single women” Shelley Budgeon of the University of Birmingham, UK talks about her research on how single women can still be stigmatised, in spite of positive social change.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 49 “Does being single leave you isolated or integrated?” Natalia Sarkisian and Naomi Gerstel examine the ideas that ‘singlehood makes you lonely’ and ‘marriage integrates you into society’ more closely

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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 16: Dr Yulia Chentsova-Dutton of Georgetown University discusses her research on cultural context and the associations between anhedonia, depressed mood, and momentary emotions. Posted October 2015. Read the associated full research article here.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 48 “The calm after the storm: Relationship length as associated with couples’ daily variability”. Casey J. Totenhagen from the University of Alabama, USA talks about how the length of your relationship may impact how dramatically it can fluctuate

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Psychology of Women Quarterly Editor Mary Brabeck and article co-author Jean Twenge discuss time period and generational differences in attitudes toward women’s work and family roles in the US.

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JAPA Associate Editor Richard Gottlieb interviews author Avgi Saketopoulou about her paper "Mourning the Body as Bedrock: Developmental Considerations in Treating Transsexual Patients Analytically."

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Author Sarah Gervais discusses her article with PWQ Editor Jan Yoder


Read the article here.

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Rhoda Unger, Nicola Gavey, Pamela Trotman Reid and Jean Twenge, all of whom published articles in the Special Anniversary Section of the March 2011 issue of PWQ,discuss training, tenure, and research


Read the article here.

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Rhoda Unger, Nicola Gavey, Pamela Trotman Reid and Jean Twenge, all of whom published articles in the Special Anniversary Section of the March 2011 issue of PWQ,discuss training, tenure, and research


Read the article here.

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Rhoda Unger, Nicola Gavey, Pamela Trotman Reid and Jean Twenge, all of whom published articles in the Special Anniversary Section of the March 2011 issue of PWQ, discuss the future of feminism.


Read the article here.

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Jan Yoder interviewed Keren Lehavot, author of "Development and Validation of a Gender Expression Measure Among Sexual Minority Women," Caroline Huxley, author of "'It's a Comparison Thing, Isn't It?': Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Accounts of How Partner Relationships Shape Their Feelings About Their Body and Appearance," and Lisa Rubin, author of "Does that Make Me a Woman?"

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Jan Yoder discusses ambivalent sexism with Peter Glick and Susan Fiske


Read the article here.

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PWQ Associate Editor Maria Gurevich interviews authors Zoe Peterson and Charlene Muehlenhard about their aricle "A Match-and-Motivation Model of How Women Label Their Nonconsensual Sexual Experiences"

Read the article here.

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Heather Littleton talks to PWQ Editor Jan Yoder about her article, co-authored with Amie E. Grills-Taquechel, Katherine S. Buck, Lindsey Rosman, and Julia C. Dodd, 'Health Risk Behavior and Sexual Assault Among Ethnically Diverse Women' which was published in the March 2013 issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly.



Sexual assault is associated with a number of health risk behaviors in women. It has been hypothesized that these risk behaviors, such as hazardous drinking, may represent women’s attempts to cope with psychological distress, such as symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, extant research has failed to evaluate these relationships among ethnic minority samples or identify the mechanisms responsible for this association. The current study examined sexual assault history and two health risk behaviors (hazardous drinking and engaging in sexual behavior to regulate negative affect) in a diverse sample of 1,620 college women. Depression and anxiety were examined as mediators of the relationship between sexual assault and health risk behaviors. There was evidence of moderated mediation, such that for European American women, but not for ethnic minority women, both forms of psychological distress were significant mediators of the sexual assault/hazardous drinking relationship. In contrast, among all ethnic groups, the relationship between sexual assault and both forms of psychological distress was mediated by the use of sexual behavior as an affect regulation strategy. Results support a need to evaluate the assault experiences of ethnically diverse women, as well as the impact of the assault on their postassault experiences including health risk behaviors and psychological adjustment. Additionally, results suggest that practitioners should carefully assess health risk behaviors among victims of sexual assault and be aware that there may be differences in the risk factors and motives for these behaviors among women of various ethnic backgrounds.

Read the full article here.

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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 15: Kenneth Fung discusses his paper on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and looking at cultural adaption and Western adoption of Buddhist tenets. Posted August 2015.

Carol Povey, Director for the Centre of Autism at the National Autistic Society, and Lorcan Kenny at the Institute of Education talk about which terms should be used to describe autism. Posted July 2015

Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 14: Sofie Bäärnhielm discusses her co-authored paper on revising psychiatric diagnostic categorisation of immigrant patients after using the Cultural Formulation in DSM-IV. Posted June 2015. Read the associated full research article here.  

In this podcast, Professor Herrman, President-elect of the World Psychiatric Association describes her vision of international cooperation to identify, develop, and disseminate knowledge and resources appropriate for improving mental health among the diverse range of people and situations across the world. Professor Herrman is particularly optimistic about the interchange of ideas, acknowledging the growing importance of psychiatry as it is practiced outside western democracies, in places as diverse as the Pacific Island nations, China and India. Professor Herrman argues that psychiatry need not be defensive, but can be confident enough to assert its central role within medical practice. She makes the important point that advocacy by patients, carers, and broader social groups all have a part to play in guiding policy makers’ decisions about resource allocation, in Australia and New Zealand as well as the rest of the world.  

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 47 “Parent emotion coaching”: Kelly Buckholdt from University of Memphis, USA talks about the impact of parent emotion coaching on children’s social status in the classroom.

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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 12: Andrew Rasmussen and Eddy Eustache discuss their co-authored paper on the development and validation of a Haitian Creole screening instrument for depression. Posted April 2015. Read the associated full research article here.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 46 “Emotional Suppression in Early Marriage”: Stefania Balzarotti from Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy talks about the impact on marital quality of wives and husbands suppressing their emotions.

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Alongside the recent move towards dimensional diagnosis of psychiatric illness, there appears to be a tendency to dismiss Bipolar Affective Disorder – Type II as merely a less severe form of Type I. In the April 2015 podcast of Australasian Psychiatry, Scientia Professor Gordon Parker of the Black Dog Institute argues that bipolar I and II are categorically distinct entities which share hypomanic/manic symptoms but which can be differentiated by the presence of psychotic symptoms only in type I illness.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 45 “Relationship Savoring in long-distance relationships”: Jessica L. Borelli from Pomona College, USA talks about how ‘savoring’ your partner can strengthen a fragile relationship

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 44 “The implications of superficial self-disclosures from friends”: Steve Rains from University of Arizona, USA talks about the ways in which receiving superficial updates from your friends via your mobile phone might affect your relationships with them

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Autism Matters Podcast Number 15: Will Mandy of University College London and Marianna Murin of Great Ormond Street Hospital discuss their research on the transition from primary to secondary school for children with autism spectrum disorder. Posted February 2015.

Relationship Matters Podcast Number 43 “Self-Esteem and Social Connections”: Danu Stinson from University of Victoria, USA talks about how your sense of self guides your social interactions and confidence levels when initiating new relationships. Posted February 2015. Read the associated article here.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 42 “The stress hormone in relationships”: Kira Birditt from University of Michigan, USA talks about how your method of dealing with relationship tensions can affect your wellbeing. Posted January 2015. Read the associated article here.

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While every doctor is aware of the claims made for evidence based practice, the demands of clinical practice and the inertia of established routines often combine to resist change in psychiatric care.


Professor John McGrath of the Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland, recipient of one of two John Cade Fellowships last year, in conversation with Dr Andrew Amos, describes his vision for expanding the impact of psychiatric research in Queensland and Australia. Professor McGrath outlines collaborations with the Queensland Mental Health Research Alliance, the Early Psychosis Clinical Network, and others in Australia and around the world to identify modifiable risk factors for psychosis including perinatal vitamin D, trauma, cannabis, and paternal age.


Professor McGrath discusses the framework he and collaborators are creating for clinical trials in psychiatry and related research within Queensland, which will expose psychiatric doctors to real-world research from early in training and provide pathways to research involvement ranging from understanding the literature, through collection of data, to the beginnings of independent research

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Transcultural Psychiatry Podcast Number 11: Dr James Allen of University of Minnesota Medical School discusses his research on mapping resilience pathways of Indigenous youth in five circumpolar communities. Posted December 2014. Read the associated full research article here.


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Former President, Prudence Gourguechon, interviews author Thomas E. Allen about his article “Life of Pi and the Moral Wound” published in the December 2014 issue of Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.



The “moral wound,” rendered symbolically in the form of the tiger in Life of Pi, is a complex trauma in which the victim, in order to survive in life-threatening circumstances, commits an ethical transgression against his or her deeply held values. Pi experiences such a trauma and deals with it by dissociating it in the form of the tiger and then has to simultaneously both preserve the tiger and wish it to disappear. Jonathan Shay’s work relating the experiences of returning Vietnam veterans to Homer’s Odyssey is used to further an understanding of both Life of Pi and American soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Reasons are considered for the possible delayed effect of trauma as a factor in the increased suicide rate of older veterans. Finally, the concept of the “moral wound” is discussed, with an eye to its treatment.


Download article here:

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 41 “Moral boundaries in Relationships”: Dylan Selterman from University of Maryland, USA talks about different perceptions of morality and how they affect the rules of romantic relationships. Posted December 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 40 “When ‘we’ changes ‘me’”: Kevin McIntyre from Trinity University, USA talks about how couples influence each other’s personalities, for better or worse. Posted December 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 39 “Sweet Love”: Dongning Ren from Purdue University, USA talks about how tasting sweet foods can affect our romantic interests. Posted November 2014

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 38 “Enhancing your partner in times of stress”: Gwendolyn Seidman from Albright College, USA talks about different emotional responses shown by couples going through stress and conflict

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Relationship Matters Podcast Number 37 “Oxytocin, the love hormone”: Julianne Holt-Lunstad from Brigham Young University talks about how the hormone oxytocin relates to relationship quality. Posted October 2014. Read the associated article here.

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Autism Matters Podcast Number 14: In this podcast, Liz Pellicano from the Institute of Education, London discusses her ground-breaking co-authored paper on what Autism research should really focus on. Posted August 2014.

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Dr Lawrence H. Yang of Columbia University discusses his co-authored work on anti-stigma intervention for Chinese immigrant caregivers of individuals with psychosis. Posted May 2014.

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Dr Melissa L. Walls discusses her co-authored work on Aboriginal youth suicide among indigenous communities. Posted February 2014.

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Editor-in-Chief, Dr Laurence Kirmayer, at McGill University and Dr Roberto Lewis-Fernandez at Columbia University reflect on the 50th anniversary of the journal and the future of transcultural psychiatry. Posted December 2013.

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In our inaugural podcast, Kenneth Fung, Hung-Tat (Ted) Lo, Rani Srivastava and Lisa Andermann discuss their article on organizational cultural competence within mental health institutions as part of the special issue on rethinking cultural competence, volume 49 issue 2. Posted June 2012.

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Authors Caroline C. Fitz and Alyssa N. Zucker talk to PWQ Editor Jan Yoder about their article, co-authored with Laina Y. Bay-Cheng, 'Not All Nonlabelers Are Created Equal: Distinguishing Between Quasi-Feminists and Neoliberals'.

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Nadya A. Fouad, TCP Editor, interviews Mary Sue Richardson and David L. Blustein about their contribution to the February 2012 issue.

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Author Mari Ruti discusses her article, "The Singularity of Being: Lacan and the Immortal Within."

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Authors Julia Becker and Janet Swim discuss their article with PWQ Editor Jan Yoder.

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