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Dr Nandoli von Marees and Dr Robin Kowalski discuss current research on cyberbullying in schools and Dr Kowlaski presents her new research on traditional bullying as a potential warning sign of cyberbullying (Volume 33 Number 5).

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In this podcast, School Psychology International Associate Editor Chantal Faucher discusses the introductory essay on international research in cyberbullying, as well as the collection of 16 articles gathered together to support this essay (read the essay here).

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In this podcast, School Psychology International Associate Editor Amity L. Noltemeyer introduces the online collection 'Resilience Across Contexts'. School Psychology International has been at the forefront of publishing resilience-oriented research applicable to educational practitioners across national boundaries. A collection of 13 articles from the journal have been selected and assembled to enhance psychological service providers’ knowledge of underlying resilience processes and capacity for resilience-promoting intervention.

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